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December 6, 2013
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(Karakura Town, Za Bagabundo Headquarters)

"Ah, ya want ta go ta da Soul Societee? And ya came ta me ta see if ah could bring ya?" Hataya's deep voice asks, amethyst eyes staring from across his room at Watashi, who was shuffling on his feet lightly. He was looking down, holding a small bundle in one hand and his sketchbook and pencil in the other. Watashi glanced around nervously as Hataya examined him, noticing the various artifacts and items that lined his shelves. After noticing what seemed like a jar with a pickled snake, he shivered and looked back at the large Vizard, who was now standing in the center of his room, black runes painted within a large circle around him. "Y-Yes sir, I thought that...since you are a former Kido Corps Commander, you would have a way to get t-there." He responds, bowing his head.

Hataya looks at the man with a cold gaze for a minute, stroking his stubbled chin with his hand, before he moves. He grabs his walking stick, holding the bird skull adorning it tightly, before he walks up to Watashi. The Fullbringer looks up and pales a little, shrinking some in the presence of him. "Now den...let me ask ya two tings. First...why would ya want ta go to da Soul Societee? And why would ah help ya ta begin wit?" A small grin crosses Hataya's features, leaning over and making the man shrink back some more. However, Watashi's eyes fill with a bit of determination, and he stands tall, although his hands tremble lightly. 

"I-I want to v-visit Yuki..." He murmurs, and the voodoo man arches a brow. "Hmmmm? Yukee? Dat little cat-eered girl ya like so much?" He asks, and Watashi nods. "'s her birthday today, and I want to see her. I know she is busy, but I wanted to surprise her." As he speaks, his voice grows confidence. "And I k-know you probably won't help me but I had to try. I k-know you have a g-girlfriend there too and you visit her, so I thought y-you would help me too, since you know how I feel." At this, Hataya's eyes widen a fraction, before narrowing. "Ah? And who told ya dat? Yuuta or Tamotsu?" He asks, his tone becoming a bit colder. Watashi pales visibly,but he doesn't look away. For what seems like an eternity, before Hataya began to giggle. The giggles turned into chuckles, and then into full blown laughter. Watashi shivered a bit, wondering if the man in front of him was completely mad. 

"Ya are a funnee little boy. But, alright, ah will help ya." Hataya says, grinning. Watshi's head snaps up, and hope and disbelief fill his expression. "R-Really??" He asks, to which Hataya nods. "Ya. Ya got speerit. Ah respect dat. Follow me." He says, and the voodoo man turns, heading across his room to another door. He opens it, revealing a large laboratory behind it, filled to the brim with equipment and computers, machines whirring and humming with electricity. The large Vizard enters, as the Fullbringer follows, looking around a little timidly. He stays away from the floating tubes that take up a large part of the sides, filled with various chemicals and what looks like gas in one. After a moment Hataya stops at a rather cluttered desk, various half-finished projects and devices covering it. "Now, where did ah leeve it..." He mutters, looking and pushing aside various objects. "Forgive da clutter, normallee dis would be straightened but ah have been working wit ma lovelee ladee of snakes on some new devices..." He murmurs off-handedly, before brightening. "AHA! Heer." He says, piquing Watashi's interest as the larger man hands over a small metallic bracelet.

Watashi looks over the object, turning it over in his hands a few times before looking up. "Umm...h-how is this going t-to help me...?" He begins, before Hataya chuckles a little. "Dis is a special device ah made a while back. Everee member of da Vizards heer carree one. Essenteeallee, it acts as a limited-use Senkaimon. Opens one up for ya and allows ya ta pass trough witout a zanpakuto. Dis is da more basic one, da ones da oters have give dem more places ta go but dis should do da trick for ya." Hataya says with a grin, and Watashi stares at the trinket with amazement and awe. " does it work...?" He asks, and Hataya grins. "Basicallee, ya wear it and focus ya reiatsu into da bracelet. Once ya doing dat, ya tink of a Senkaimon, or of da Soul Societee. It will open one up in a moment after~" The large man explains, his hand brushing his dreads back as he speaks. Watashi nods, and bows to him. "Alright, thank you very m-much Hataya-san." The man nods, dismissing it with a wave of his hand and grinning. "Ya welcome. And take dat coat over dere. It'll disguise ya reiatsu, make it a bit easier to walk trough da place witout beeng caught. It's too small for me, so ya can keep it too." He chuckles, and at that the brown-haired Fullbringer smiles, his green eyes shining. "You are r-really kind, you know that?" He turns, grabbing the coat and hastily making his way out. Hataya watches him go, before going to his room. He lights up his hookah, the coal burning as he inhales and blows out the smoke. "Good luck ta ya, kid."


(Division 9, Yuki's Office)

The small Captain sighed, her orange eyes twitching a bit in irritation at the massive amount of paperwork on her desk. It was literally mind-numbing how many expense reports, submissions for tactics and changes within scheludes, and division reports about small incidents could pile up within a day, not to mention the unattended workload of her Lieutenant added on top of that. And to top it all of today was her birthday too, something that made her mood even worse. She probably wouldn't even be able to visit Watashi today, she knew he had wanted to do something special for her but unfortunately work came first.

With a sigh, Yuki turned from one pile of finished paperwork towards an incomplete pile, muttering to herself as she began to work upon the papers. "Where is Bob...?" She mutters, frowning, before shaking her head at the idea that she was probably off flirting with some guys. A small blush crosses her cheeks as she thinks more on her Lieutenants actions and what she is probably doing. Muttering more, she grunts as she focuses on another pile of work, getting into the various forms and files she had to stamp or sign.

After five grueling hours of work, the sun began to set, and Yuki walked out of her office, freed finally from the overwhelming amount of work she had been given. She yawned, stretching and with a scowl on her face, before deciding to go for a walk in the streets. The little Captain made her way out into the numerous alleys, and began to walk, looking down a little. She sighed, tired and stressed, not looking up and noticing the man in the dark cloak as they bumped into each other.

She fell on her butt with an oof, before she looked in anger towards the stranger. However, all anger disappeared as the figure's hood fell off, rubbing the back of his head and chanting small ow's. "ow ow ow...that hurt." Watashi says, brushing his brown hair back and peaking out with his green eyes. "W-Watashi?! What are you doing here?!" Yuki asks, her eyes widening as she moves over to the Fullbringer. He rubs his hair away, and his eyes widen, before he blushes and smiles. "H-Hey Y-Yuki." The small neko helps him to his feet, and he brushes himself off, before turning and grabbing the bundle and the sketchbook hastily, inspecting them for any damage or rips. Yuki glances at them curiously, before he spins around to face her, and with a face as red as beets hands her the bundle. "H-Happy Birthday Y-Yuki!"

Yuki's orange eyes widen, and she looks up, and then down at the trembling package, before her face heats up a bit, and she looks at him again. "F-For me? You c-came here j-just to see me a-and give me t-this?" She asks, and he blushes, getting even redder. "Y-Yeah...I wanted y-you to have a p-present for your b-birthday, and I t-thought you w-would enjoy having one a-after work." He says, mumbling slightly and looking down. Unwrapping the paper around the gift, her eyes widen a little as it's some chocolates, a couple of tickets to a sushi place, a little cat plushie, and a few other small gifts. She looks up, smiling widely before he pulls out his sketchbook and flips it open. "And here is...s-something I thought y-you might like...I made it myself..." He says, handing her a paper. She eyes it and her eyes widen.

On the page is a picture of Yuki sitting in a chair, fine-lined unlike most of Watashi's sketches and painted with care. "I thought you might like wasn't anything special, j-just something I t-thought y-you might like..." He stammers, almost looking like steam would be rising off of him in embarrassment, before Yuki moves over and hugs him tightly. "I love it all, thank you so much Watashi." She pulls big and smiles, and he smiles back, kissing her softly. "Y-You're welcome Yuki...I l-love you..." He says, and she blushes, before kissing him back. "I l-love you too Watashi..."

"Hey Yuki-chi, whose this boy, hmmm~?" Bob says as she leans on her Captains head with a teasing grin. Yuki blushes brightly, and closes her eyes. "Great, just great...." She mutters.
So, this is my late birthday gift to *Lanokir! sorry it took so long ^^;

So, this is a story of our pairing, Watashi and Yuki and they have always been this cute >w<

I have a lot of really cute pairings, I realized : O

Not that that is a problem =w=

Anyway, hope you enjoy it >w<

Watashi, Hataya: *Crimson-Agony
Yuki, Bob: *Lanokir
Bleach: Tite Kubo
Lanokir Dec 6, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Haha, love it Monty, thanks so much for it! >u< :hug:
Crimson-Agony Dec 6, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
I'm glad ;w; <33 and you are welcome >w<
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