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I actually read this both times, when you had the weird spacing and now. I have to say this is much easier to read and much better hone...


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Hey everyone. This journal and idea has been in the back of my mind for a while now, and I just wanted to share it with you all finally.

See, you know what I love? When I create OC's and such, do you know which OC's usually stick out the most for me?  

Miedo. Ekibyou. Nemesis. Vincent. To me, I have always been a man for the villains and for the creepy. Ever since I was a kid, i rooted for Megatron, Lex Luthor, Joker and all the villains. In my mind, I believed they deserved to win. Because it's boring if the hero wins every time, right? Why should they win every time, can't the villains win at least once?

This love of villains has followed me throughout the years, and it shows in my bias towards villains in general. I still fully to this day LOVE villains. I love everything about them. Because villains are amazing characters.

See, a good villain could be diverse, wanting something for what they believe is the greater good, or simply a maniac who wants destruction. They can be deep, complex, and as interesting if not moreso than the hero. And that's the thing. A great villain is something to be revered and liked, because it adds so much more dynamic to a story. In the Sword of Truth book series, the villain is so diverse because he believes in everything he is doing, and is loved by the people. Even if he's a horrible cruel monster, he's still so interesting because he believes in what he is doing is right. And THAT is one of my favorite things. Because the "villain" and "hero" could be people who see only their way of doing things is right. It's a subjective thing.

It's why that, in my story I have such a wide and diverse array of villains. Sure, there are those like Vincent who are truly evil and more an archetypal villain, but then there is Nemesis, who we all know is such a dynamic character. He's evil yet troubled, he has a relationship and he is strange. And Amerran, my Tercera. He's evil because he believes what he is doing is "for the good of the Arrancar". He's not doing so because he wants to kill and murder (normally) he believes he's saving his race. I take time and care making such diverse villains, and I can't wait to reveal more about them. But this just wasn't about the villains, was it?

No, it was also about the creeps.

When I first came to this fandom of Bleach, I noticed many stereotypical things. Like good guys who were perfect and amazing and looked great. And that's fine, I mean look at Reaver and Nem. They are good-looking, maybe not perfect but no human is. But I looked and I noticed that there wasn't anything creepy. Like, why does everything have to be so bright and cheery? Why can't we have some creepy stuff.

See the other thing I like is creepy OC's. Those you'd consider strange or not normal. I made Ekibyou like that. She's Shinda's zanpakuto spirit, and is literally a rotting shrine priestess. She's got bugs infesting her corpse and sunken eyes that watch you, and is disturbing beyond believe. And I loved to make that. Creepy OC's also tend to stand out, they possess unique characteristics that normal characters don't. Miedo is creepy as fuck and look at him, people love him!

I guess what I'm trying to say, with villains and creeps is that you shouldn't ignore them. You shouldn't ignore these things because making great villains and creeps, making out of the norm is amazing. I love how unique Miedo has become, I love how dynamic Nemesis is in terms of his character and growth. You'd miss a lot if you just make bland villains to fight your great hero, or a very similar set of OC's. Diversify, try new things, try out of the norm. Trust me, it's worth it.

Anyways, I just kind of wanted to ramble because I love villains and creepy characters. Always amazing. And I hope you guys have a great day :'D


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