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I actually read this both times, when you had the weird spacing and now. I have to say this is much easier to read and much better hone...


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;A; but the alien baked cookies!!
Fri Jun 14, 2013, 6:23 PM
Sat Jun 8, 2013, 9:28 PM
Mon Jan 21, 2013, 5:30 PM
Welcome Home! <3
Wed Jan 16, 2013, 10:07 AM

OC Meme (And Responses)

Journal Entry: Mon Apr 14, 2014, 3:59 PM
-EDIT- OC CHOOSING IS CLOSED. I'll post the responses in a bit XD

Shamelessly stolen from Kaiza-san and Moonlitpetal

 Pick a couple of my Ocs you wanna hear from and I'll have them answer these questions! 


1. Gekijou
2. Amerante 
3. Reaver
4. Nemesis
5. Hataya

**questions with “___” are for the creator to fill in!**

1: which of your characters would take the most selfies?
2: if your characters had tumblr blogs, what kind would they be? (pale, fandom, nature, sj, etc)
3: in a high school setting, what would your characters’ best subject(s) be?
4: what is ____’s favorite food(s)?
5: what kind of music would your characters listen to? their favorite artists?
6: if ___ could choose any one body part to get chopped off to save a loved one’s life, which would they pick?
7: where would your character(s) like to go on vacation the most?
8: where would your character(s) like to live the most?
9: your character’s favorite season(s)?
10: [submitter picks two characters]; they are stuck in an elevator together for about an hour. what happens?
11: how do your characters act when they’re drunk?
12: have your characters had sex before? if yes, how many times? with the same or opposite gender?
13: if your character(s) have kids, how do they feel towards/about them?
14: does ___ prefer tea or coffee?
15: walking into your character’(s’) bedroom, what might you see hanging/taped to their walls or on the ceiling? 
16: does your character keep a diary? what would they write in it?
17: how confident are your characters with their bodies?
18: [submitter picks one character]; which Pokemon would they be?
19: when they’re about to fall asleep at night, what would your characters do/think about?
20: who parties the hardest of your characters?
21: anybody wear cologne? perfume? what scents?
22: how often do your characters masturbate? B)
23: what weapons is ___ capable of wielding?
24: do your characters think sex is good/bad? would they do it casually?
25: are any of your characters good at cooking? or alternatively, any of them burnt water?



Gekijou: That's fucking stupid. I have a bar to run, it would make me look unprofessional.
Amerante: It's a waste of time, not practical.
Reaver: ....*looks at camera, accidentally takes five pictures of himself*
Nemesis: I don't need selfies to show off how good I look~ *grins*
Hataya: Ah, ah would take selfees~ mostlee ta show ma tattoos dough~

Gekijou: Tumblr? No fucking way. *scowls*
Amerante: I would have an account on how to survive crises and make survival gear. Always be prepared.
Reaver: What's a...tumblr...? *confused gaze*
Nemesis: Porn. Lots of porn.
Hataya: Ah would have art of da natural and da mystical kind~ ah like nature, and voodoo~ *grins*

Gekijou: Physical Education or Business would be my best subject in high school. 
Amerante: Woodshop, or Phys Ed.
Reaver: Phys Ed...or Astronomy...I gazing....
Nemesis: Phys Ed. Kick every losers ass like a boss! *cackles*
Hataya: Science~

Gekijou: My favorite food is a hamburger. I like what those Americans make, simple and delicious.
Amerante: Ramen is my favorite.
Reaver: ....Fish....
Nemesis: Does human flesh or Hollow meat count?
Hataya: Ah like...notin reelee~ ah am fine wit most tings, no favorite heer.

Gekijou: Hard and classic rock, and Guns N' Roses or Black Label Society would be my favorite bands.
Amerante: Alternative is something I enjoy, with Muse and Imagine Dragons being my favorites.
Reaver: Umm...I haven't listened to...much music....but..alternative...or rock...sounds good...with Rise Against... and Santana...being liking....
Nemesis: Heavy Metal. Slipknot, Fiver Finger Death Punch, Black Label Society, and Avenged Sevenfold. *grins*
Hataya: Ah like tribal/mystical sounds, adds ta ma creepeeness. *laughs a little* And...ah suppose ah like da band Godsmack.

Gekijou: A finger. I still need to work and kick their asses, and they said only one body part, never specified how major.
Amerante: My finger, for the same reason as Mr. Grumpy above me.
Reaver: ....anything...but my head...I can...regenerate them...anyways...but...I would not let...them hurt...anyone...*frowns*
Nemesis: Cut off a body part...? How about no, the bastard who put Mystina in this mess is going to lose THEIR body parts? 
Hataya: Hmm...ah would cut off an arm, probablee. Would need a new one ta keep using Keedo, but as long as ma loved one is safe, ah am happee. 

Gekijou: I would like to vacation to someplace quieter, like the woods or mountains, there i wouldn't be bothered by others and could spend time with Hazuki.
Amerante: Somewhere isolated and secure, maybe a desert or island. That way, in case the apocalypse happens, I'm protected somewhat and could survive alone.
Reaver: ....Somewhere...under the stars....with Kat...that sounds...nice...
Nemesis: I would like to go to Germany. They have beer, they have interesting histories, and I could get behind Oktoberfest. 
Hataya: Africa. Ah would love ta visit ma roots~

Gekijou: Maybe Tokyo or Osaka, somewhere nicer than where I live now. I don't like the idea of living in an area where I could get stabbed.
Amerante: Hmmm...well, I would love to live in a more fortified house to keep people from attacking me.
Reaver: *blushes* Anywhere...that Kat is....
Nemesis: I want to live in a palace, filled with anything and everything I desire~
Hataya: Hmm...ah would like ta live in Haitee, possiblee. Dey still practice voodoo dere~

Gekijou: Summer. People are thirsty and hot, they go in for drinks more, brings me more money.
Amerante: Summer. It's nice and warm, and 
Reaver: ...Winter...
Nemesis: Fall. Nature itself is dying.
Hataya: Summer. Da heet is nice, ah can go shirtless for all da seeson~

10. (Will do this with their pairings)
Gekijou: I would probably just hang out with Hazuki, wait for time to pass and the elevator to turn on..*coughs, adjusting collar*
Amerante: I would converse and chit-chat with Tarek-taicho. That is, if he doesn't try to pry into my life too much. *makes a face*
Reaver: ...spend time...with Kat...*blushes and mumbles, poking fingers together*
Nemesis: Make out with Mystina. *grins*
Hataya: Ah would love on ma wife, Morgana~ 

Gekijou: Thish ish terrible, I hate da fucking idjits running around here! *glares, flushed cheeks*
Amerante: *scowls softly, covering her face* Ugh...I don't feel well...
Reaver: *passed out, drunk and muttering random things*
Nemesis: *grins, downing even more alcohol* I'M KING OF DA WORRRLLDD!
Hataya: *Sitting back, flushed face and partaking of his hookah* Ah, dis is nice~

Gekijou: I've had sex before, a good amount of times. *grins* And with females, not into guys.
Amerante: I've never really had it, I've been too busy to think about that.
Reaver: *blushes brightly, and passes out*
Nemesis: *grins lazily* Yuuuup~ I only like women, and I've had sex a lot of times~
Hataya: *chuckles* Ah have had sex, wit bot sexes~ ah don't discriminate. Altough now ah onlee swing towards ma soul mate, and ah have had it a decent amount of times~ ah won't tell ya exact numbahs, dat's a secret~

Gekijou: I don't have any kids. *shrugs*
Amerante: I have not had any kids, or a romantic partner to even consider that.
Reaver: W-Well... I d-don't h-have kids....b-but I w-wouldn't b-be sure....i-if I-I'd be a g-good father...*frowns*
Nemesis: I do not have kids, and I would not be a good dad. I murder things. *frowns*
Hataya: Ah have a daughter, and ah love her wit all ma heart. *smiles widely* She ma voodoo babee and ma pride~

Gekijou: Coffee. Gets me up in the morning. *grins*
Amerante: Tea. It's calming and helps me sleep.
Reaver:'s nice...not too strong...or bitter...
Nemesis: Coffee. It makes me feel hyper~
Hataya: Tee. It's a nice drink ta make, and da flavors can be manee~

Gekijou: You'd probably see some charms and paperwork, a bed, a desk and various common items. Also guns and knives.
Amerante: Guns, knives, poison gas...all carefully hidden within a boring bedroom, that is.
Reaver: ...A bed....and a weapon rack...and a closet...that's it.
Nemesis: A royal bed, a clothing closet, a table, a weapon rack, and if I had things my way a trophy collection of all my kills~
Hataya: Mystical and scientific arteefacts on vareeous shelves, a ritualistic circle on da floor for ma voodoo, a door to a science wing, a bed, and a door ta a private bat~

Gekijou: I don't keep a diary.
Amerante: I keep a journal listing every supply item and weapon I have, and things I need.
Reaver: No...diary....
Nemesis: I don't keep anything like that around. Don't give a fuck about keeping stupid shit.
Hataya: Ah keep journals of all of da reeserch ah do, it's helpful when ah have so manee idees~

Gekijou: I'm confident with my body. *smirks*
Amerante: I see no reason to doubt my own form. 
Reaver: Why...doubt...? I make sure...I am strong...enough....
Nemesis: Psh, I have the best damn body ever. *laughs maniacally*
Hataya: Nah, ah am comfortable wit ma flesh~

Gekijou: Pokemon? Hmm...I'd probably be...Charizard. 
Amerante: I would be...a Scyther. They seem interesting.
Reaver: ....Absol...
Hataya: Hmm...ah'd probablee be a Gengar or Banette~

Gekijou: I usually spend some time with Hazuki, and then think about what I have to do tomorrow when i am about to sleep.
Amerante: I check all my weapon spots and entrances for places someone could break into, set traps and then sleep with a knife.
Reaver: I usually....just sleep...*shrugs*
Nemesis: I dream of ruling the world when I go to sleep~
Hataya: Ah usuallee pray ta da speerits and Loa before ah go ta bed~

Gekijou: I don't really party. Not a partying kind of guy.
Amerante: I do not party at all.
Reaver: ....what's a party...and probably not....It's...dangerous...
Hataya: Ah love a good partee~ bring out ma hookah, hang around, it's a fun time~ 

Gekijou: I wear cologne, usually something subtle or musky.
Amerante: I don't wear perfume. It's not practical.
Reaver: *shakes head slowly* cologne...
Nemesis: Psh, I bathe in the blood of my enemies as cologne! >D
Hataya: Nah, ah do use tings like sage and such dough, makes me end up smelling like dem. *chuckles*

Gekijou: No comment.
Amerante: No comment.
Reaver: *cocks head* What's...masturabation...?
Nemesis: No need! I have a girlfriend *pervy grin*
Hataya: *shrugs* Ah usuallee am working, ah don't do dat.

Gekijou: I can use a gun fairly well, or a knife or club. 
Amerante: I can use knives, my zanpakuto, guns, axes..anything useful to know and easy to obtain.
Reaver: ...My blade...a nodachi...
Nemesis: My fists and my axes are my main weapons. However, I want to learn to use every weapon. I want to be the master of all weapon styles. 
Hataya: Ah can't reellee use weapons, maybe a bit of staffs but dat's about it. Ah mostlee use spells and abilitees.

Gekijou: Sex is great, and I would do it casually with Hazuki. *shrugs*
Amerante: I'm too busy to think of sex, really.
Reaver: *blushing brightly, muttering to himself again*
Nemesis: Sex is amazing, I would do it casually cause it's fucking awesome.
Hataya: Ah, ah love da pleasures of da flesh~ it would be nice ta do tings like dat for fun ~

Gekijou: I can cook alright, actually. Nothing fancy though, mostly burgers or ramen, or simple foods.
Amerante: I can make simple foods that are quick and require little ingredients.
Reaver: I knowledge...of cooking....
Nemesis: I just eat raw, why would I need to cook shit?
Hataya: Ah know how ta cook some tings from Haitee and oter foreign delicacees, as well as some Japanees foods. 

.... I hope they all didn't sound similar. *dies*


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Hello World~

My names Montana Langan, although I prefer to be called Monty. I live in the good ol' US of A, and I'm 19 years old

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So, how would your main OC react to having to meet/deal/fight this guy? 

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Bleach OC Stuff

My OC, Monty Sturmgeiru:
Blood Demon_Reaver by LarizSantos Bleach OC: Monty Sturmgeiru by Rtenzo

Some of my Faves~

:icondragonofthesand: Sauria
Commission: Sauria by RiamAzariel ~:Ready to Kick Some Ass:~ by dragonofthesand

:iconlanokir: Hanawa Yuki and Butoukai Bob (and many others)
C - Hanawa Yuki by Lanokir Bleach OC: Butoukai Bob, Shikai by Rtenzo

:iconsnakes-on-a-plane: Jo Morelli, Layla Vital, Elliot Rios, Katherina Maki (and many others)
Can't Stop~ by snakes-on-a-plane Do the Time Warp by snakes-on-a-plane Bear your soul by snakes-on-a-plane

:iconmind-like-a-puzzle: Satomi Haruka, Kuja
Bleach Arrancar OC by Mind-Like-A-Puzzle Bleach OC: Kuja by Mind-Like-A-Puzzle

:iconthe-dark-mia: Asuka Shiori, Saya Miyabi and Rie Hazuki (and many others)
Wicked Ref Hazuki by THE-DARK-MIA decendant_reference_samira by THE-DARK-MIA

:iconmyanghime: Nicolle, Morgana, Sakata Miyabi (and many others)
Division 12 (Morgana and Nicolle) by MyangHime Sakata Miyabi by MyangHime

:iconichini2546: Finikkusu Sazuki, Masako (and many others)
Chibi practice by IchiNi2546

:iconmama-moose: Mai Kimura, Gina and Kame Mori, Camila (and many others)
How does it look? by Mama-Moose The twins by Mama-Moose Camila Hidalgo by Mama-Moose

:iconkaiza-san: Sayuri hi Yuri, Moren (and others)
Sayuri hi Yuri Reference WIP by Kaiza-san


ReaverXKat: My Gift....To....You.... (B-Day Present) by Crimson-Agony
NemesisXMystina: Dreaming by Crimson-Agony
WatashiXYuki Crimson-Agony Commission 2 - Watashi and Yuki by Kay-Jay97
GhenaroXCamila PAYPALCOM 15 by KazekuTrades
AmerranXSatomi All the Adorbs by Mind-Like-A-Puzzle
FinXUlric C. - IchiNi2546 3 by soi-scholla
GekijouXHazuki You're Cute When You Smile by Crimson-Agony
NicolleXYuuta Nicolle x Yuuta by MyangHime
HatayaXMorgana: Morgana and Hataya by MyangHime

OC Positions List


Primera: Vincent Azael Ramirez
Segunda: Cazador Viento
Tercera: Amerran Gualtiero
Cuatro: Tolurick Raithe
Quinto: Vellix Ceilo
Sexta: Florenn
Septima: Layla Azogue
Noveno: Luzinge
Dix: Grace


Division 1:

Division 2:
-Third Seat Shinda Chinmoku

Division 3:
-Captain: Shizuka Nori

Division 4:

Division 5:

Division 6:

Division 7:

Division 8:
-Captain: Musouka Zougen

Division 9:
-Captain: Izo Kanshisha

Division 10:

Division 11:
-Captain: Kurenza Kenpachi
-Lieutenant: 'Heibi' Amarante

Division 12:
-Captain: Morgana (belongs to MyangHime)
-Lieutenant: Nicolle (belongs to MyangHime)

Division 13:

Kido Corps:

Za Bagabundo:

Leader: Hataya Nenshou
2nd in Command: TBA
-Tamotsu Nenshou
-Watashi Oono
-Kaminari Mizumizushii
-Ulric Thorpe


-Reaver Sturmgeiru
-Nemesis Sturmgeiru
-Drake Anicho
-Hoshiko Sturmgeiru


Tercera: Amerran Verilliano
Septima: Ghenaro Verrall
Octava: Camila Hidalgo (Mama-Moose's OC)

Non-Bleach OC's


-Kaibutsu (missing-nin)

Warhammer 40k:

-Threshka Redblud: (Ork Mekboy)


-Chimera (Supervillain)

The Wicked (thedarkmia Original World):

-Gekijou (Human, Bartender)

Fairy Tale:



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