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I actually read this both times, when you had the weird spacing and now. I have to say this is much easier to read and much better hone...


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Hi everyone! First off, let's get the birthday stuff down~



I hadn't posted a thank you journal yet because I knew some people had gifts for me but didn't have them done, but I went ahead with this because when they finish, they finish and I will update this as such XDDD

but still thank you so much for all the love and happy birthdays and gifts and all the things sajdbsajkdblmsabjksfb ;w;

I was feeling rather moody the last few months and that cheered me up a good deal ;w; 

And special thanks to all the people who gave me gifts/are giving me, I can show you what I got here:

Blood in the SandThe Adjuchas' head fell on the sand with a large thud. Nemesis leaned on the tall boulder behind him and slid till he sat on the ground: body marked with blood and cuts, breaths labored and strained. He scanned the devastation in front of him and took in the scene of the broken and discarded bodies of the hollows that attacked him, the sand soaked in the blood that spilt from the corpses of his enemies.
"Damn, I do good work" Nemesis bared his teeth in the faintest of smiles, he silently laughed which cause him to groan in pain and hold his side. He looked to down to see the nasty wound at his side, fresh crimson pooled from the large gash made from one of the Adjuchas.
"I'll give it to those fuckers. They got me pretty good back there, not like it helped them out much." Picking up the Adjuchas' head, he lifted towards eye level.
"That attack was very well thought out and I applaud you for your efforts. That being said, Imma have fun sticking you inside the ass of your friend there HAH

First off is this lovely writing by The-dream-weaver, entailing Nemesis as being his asshole self~ very fun and entertaining read, you do Nemesis wonders thank you so much! ;w;

And Nemesis, when will you learn to not be such an asshole? =w=


Happy Birthday - Crimson Agony!So many times had they been fighting each other, all with attempts of killing each other. There had simply been no holding back in their battles, often shown in torn bodies and destroyed environment. So it was kind of odd feeling as Bohr walked along the graveled road up to a large mansion. Her mixed eyes were simply scanning the building, deeming it as old and seemingly on the verge of collapsing. Not a building she would call safe.
“Come on Bohr.” John turned around and waved at the stitched female that nodded slowly. Just recently were they exchanging attacks, trying to kill each other. Now she was suddenly invited to John’s home.
Obviously a trap.
That must be it right? Master Tolurick had stated that shinigamis was two things; experimental material and tricky. Though not enough to trick his genius mind, but for some so simple minded as Bohr was it a different story as he stated it.
A sudden bang followed by some weird noises from one of the upper rooms made her f

The next one is by Lanokir, and is of our blossoming pairing of Bohr-F9 and John Butoukai~ these two don't even have to be a pairing to be FREAKING ADORABLE SJDBJDBJLKADBJDBLKAD XDDD I really love how he did Bohr and John up, and was great and fun to read >w<

Bohr really needs to learn social skills though :V

Anyways, that's it for now with the gifts, again as more come in I'll post them here~

the other thing I wanted to say is HAPPY HALLOWEEN EVERYONE! :'DDD

let ghosts and goblins scare the stuffing outta you and go get delicious candy~ I will be at a costume party (As my Amtgard monk) and as such will not partake in trick-or-treating, but will have fun playing Friday Night Magic :'D

so again, Happy Halloween, I hope everyone has a great time~
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