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I actually read this both times, when you had the weird spacing and now. I have to say this is much easier to read and much better hone...


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Okay so today is kind of a different journal than normal. I've been thinking recently about Khaos, the original story I am working on, and thinking about it in great detail. So, I decided to make a post talking about some of the ideas and things that are within the world at the moment :3

I will link you all to the small folder I have in my gallery for Khaos stuff I've written too, in case you want to check it out :3…

And on a note, there is some things here that I have not spoken about before, so you won't find everything I mention in my works XD and once I have more time to write out these things, I will be much less casual XDDDD

Anyways, let's begin:


Okay, first off, Khaos itself is a mainly desert-like world. At least a good portion of it is sand. However, I've also been thinking of having maybe small seas and lakes and such spotted around the world as well. Perhaps depending on the location of the world would depend on the shift in geography. I've also been thinking that the world could perhaps be larger than earth, and that perhaps life finds a way to grow in certain places of the world. (i.e. a vertical forest formed inside of a fissure in the earth itself).

The temperature is probably going to be hot and cool for most of the world, since you are living in a desert. If you live closer to the oceans it is much nicer and the forests make it muggier. It all depends on where you are really ^^


So, for my idea of government and structure in this world, my idea is to have the world split up into countries basically, or at least a portion of the world. These countries are ruled by a group called "The Seven Kings", and they handle their country pretty much how they see fit. The only thing they do not normally deal with is policework, for they send a lot of people into their armies to actually fight against the other kings or threats. The Sires take over the role of policeman after contracts they made with the Kings, and it's how they are so powerful all over the world.

Other than that, there is a lot more lawlessness around than normal, even with the Sires patrolling because of how expansive the world really is. There are vast numbers of people throughout the world, and the Sires, while strong, are limited, so this has led to the growth of bounty hunters going after bad people, also serving as a more dark peace-keeping of the world.

I was also thinking that each of the Seven Kingdoms have their own currency, and with such a mess of different currency a trade system has also been taken partially to heart within the businesses and lives of the citizens.


So, a big part of culture in Khaos (you can also thank dzouri for helping me out on this a bit) is cybernetics. They have become a HUGE thing, leading to some common inventions and races (Recros, cyborgs for example). However, while cybernetics help in combat and even day to day life, the bad side of cybernetics has reared it's head in the form of black market cyborg parts and nanite dealings.

Nanites are a huge deal for the Sires and even the Seven Kingdoms. Nanites act as a form of drug, and when taken, they race through the users body to their brain, and from there begin to work. The nanites purposefully incite and activate certain parts of your brain, which increases your senses, mainly visual and auditory. The user basically sees the world very clearly and detailed and all that. However, while this is a massive benefit, the nanites eat away at the users brain, causing side effects like permanent memory loss, brain damage, internal bleeding, psychotic breaks, and death.

Another big thing is the mental disorder around cybernetics in general. See, there are times when a person gets upgraded with technology that they find themselves driven to upgrade themselves more and more, and it becomes something of an unhealthy obsession. This ideology has come to be determined as a mental illness, and those who suffer from it normally are what the "Abnormal" Cyborgs are classified as.

Nemesis is actually an Abnormal in this story, and Reaver is a "Standard" in this, as well as Valkyrie. There is a third type, called "Auger", but TBH I have forgotten what they were supposed to be ^^; 

One last big thing is the Recros. The Recros are ghosts, bound to the physical world through a mechanical body of sorts, called a Recros Shell. Borderlining on a fusion of the arcane and technology, Recros are all over the world and have changed the face of it. One notable group is those called the Dealers, who serve as couriers, gamblers and contract killers. This group is made out of Void-Powered Recros, and is led by Mr. Scratch, the strongest Void-Powered Recros in the world.

Other Stuff I Haven't Figured Out Quite Yet:

So, I have been working on the idea for the story, and as I said Reaver, Nemesis, and Valkyrie are all within this story, among others. I will include some of my other characters, depending, and I am working on more background stuff for this story.

One thing I do really want to do is  to include a magical/arcane element into the story, I want a mix of magic and tech in it if I can. If not, I may end up going in a rather steampunk/futuristic go with it, and that is fine. For races, I do think i will include Mutants as a subtype of race (may not, depends), and I am actually considering maybe an elf-like race. Again, I'm not sure what I want to do just yet, I'm working on it.

Another thing is the wildlife and transportation. I really feel like maybe airships or specially-made vehicles would be cool and work with the story, so far all I have is the Train System, which spans from all over and is connected and pushed on through electro-magnetic railings. And another thing is I want a variety of wildlife, from harsh monstrous sand-worm like beings to maybe a replacement for dogs or something. It's all jargon I haven't quite got my head around orz


So, what do you guys think? Any tips/flaws/critiques/questions for me? I'd really like some feedback on this, it would help greatly to push me towards figuring out more of this world XDDD

oh, and on another note, I will be changing it's name when I figure out a better name for it XDDD

but for now, bye guys *rolls away*
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